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EcoPrint Solutions Inc
EcoPrint Solutions Inc


    Dedicated to your business

    At Ecoprint Solutions, Inc, we are dedicated to meeting your unique imaging needs.  Whether you need a toner replaced in a hurry, a printer or other office equipment repaired, or  a new machine altogether, we can assist you!  We have been serving Bakersfield and the Kern County area for 9 years and have more than 20 years experience in the industry.  We would really love to make you a happy, life-long customer.  

    The "ECO" in Ecoprint Solutions

     We also work to benefit the environment (hence "Eco" in EcoPrint Solutions):

    By selling remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges, we are helping to conserve natural resources.  Approximately 97% of the material such as plastic, metal, foam, rubber and paper are reused in a remanufactured cartridge.  Also, the equivalent of 3 quarts of oil is consumed in the maufacturing of a new cartridge. While remanufactured cartridges require energy consumption, it is far less than for a new cartridge.

    Free used cartridge pickup for recycling

     The use of land fill space is also reduced when a cartridge is remanufactured or recycled rather than thrown away.  The plastic in a cartridge takes over one thousand years to decompose.  Some estimates reach as high as 300 million plastic toner cartridges are put in a land fill globally each year--that is about 450,000 tons put in a land fill.   


    Q: Will the use of compatible cartridges void the warranty of my printer?

    A: Absolutely not! The original manufacturers of your printer want you to believe that purchasing anything other than their brand of toner will void your warranty.  Not only is that untrue, it is illegal!  The Magnuson Moss Act put an end to this practice so customers could enjoy the savings of compatible and remanufactured toners.